Need For Speed No Limits Has A Neon Future

Need for Speed No Limits

Need For Speed No Limits is about to rev off into the future. Today, EA’s very own mobile racer and Steve Aoki press play on a special in-game event.

Need for Speed No Limits is a free to play mobile game available on iOS and Android platform.s This particular installment in EA’s racing franchise blasted out of the garage in 2015 and has been racing the streets ever since. The game largely focuses on this street racing theme, pitting players against campaigns where they need to race, win, and avoid the retrofitted arm of the law.

Need for Speed No Limits also allows players to customize their ride, making use of some impressive mobile graphics to stand out on the tarmac. The brand new event takes the race into the future and celebrates the launch of Steve Aoki’s Neon Future comic book series. Neon Future is a cyberpunk novel that seeks to explore the role of technology and its influence on humanity. It comes with a wealth of talent behind it, including Jim Krueger, Tom Bilyeu, Matt Colon, Samantha Levenshus, Dana Brawer, and Neil Edwards.

Neon Future Kit

The Grammy-nominated DJ appear in-game during for a limited time and host a series of challenges. Successful drivers can complete these events and unlock the exclusive Neon Future car body kit for the Nissan 240ZG as a reward. This reward was designed by Aoki, the Need For Speed No Limits development team, and the creative team at Impact Theory. This is the first time that any game in the Need for Speed franchise has ever worked hand in hand with a celebrity to design a car and it is certainly something different. Fittingly, we can also expect a range of tracks from Aoki’s Neon Future III Remix soundtrack to keep players on track while they race for this cutting edge new body kit.

Need for Speed No Limits is out now and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on this Need for Speed game, check out the official website.

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