Netmarble is working on a Ni No Kuni mobile game

Ni No Kuni mobile

For fans of Ni No Kuni, this is huge news: Netmarble has announced that it is working on a tie-in game for mobile devices. According to the press announcement (translated using Google Translate), the game will be subtitled “Second Country” and will allow players to engage in a mobile MMORPG featuring anime-styled graphics and animation.

“It is the story of adventure and journey to save a world in crisis visually enhanced through fairy-tale animations with colorful 3D graphics and high-quality cutscenes.”

Players will be able to be part of in-game groups called “Kingdoms” that allow them to build and maintain their own guilds by playing alongside friends and participating in PvP/GvG activities.

In addition, there will be spirit companions called Imazen that players can collect and trail to bring along with them on their journey throughout the game.

Players who attend G-Star 2019 will be able to check out the game along with Netmarble’s other line up of games that includes:

  • Seven Knights Revolution
  • A3 Still Alive
  • Magic: Mana Strike

The company has plans for 100 booths and 250 demos for attendees in South Korea next month.

Check out the full Ni No Kuni mobile press release at the link above.

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