Outlaw Pass No. 4 Wraps Up Soon in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Those who are chasing the goodies found in the Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass No. 4 will want to put a spur to the horse as the pass is in its final week. With time running out, developers are offering RDO players some boosts to help them get as far as they can dream.

Outlaw Pass No. 4 features some sweet, exclusive loot that will disappear when OP No. 5 debuts with a whole new set of goodies to earn. To help players along, Rockstar is offering a free Treasure Map and 5,000 XP to help reach Rank 100 to unlock the Morement Outfit.

Other boons and bonuses this week include:

  • a Reward for a free Ability Card
  • Bounty Hunters receive 2,000 Role XP and double Role XP for finishing Bounties
  • Bounty Hunters can use a 30% discount Offer for an Established or Distinguished Bounty Hunter Item
  • Legendary Bounties will yield double Ability Card XP
  • Prestigious Bounty License holders can also earn double Ability Card XP, a cash reward, and 25 Poison Throwing Knives and 100 rounds of Express Rifle Ammo
  • Complete an Outrider mission for the mysterious “J” and take home a 30% discount off the Bounty Hunter Wagon
  • tons of discounts on Rifles, Bounty Hunter Weapon variants, Off-Hand Holsters, and Reinforced Lassoes.
  • 30% off Passive Abilities
  • Prime Gaming Benefits

Check out the Red Dead Online official site for all the specifics.

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