Outriders to Receive Huge “New Horizon” Update


Square Enix has announced that a huge free update for Outriders is expected to drop later today, Tuesday, November 16, 2021. According to the post on the game’s site, the New Horizon update will include new content and some big gameplay changes.

Here are the most significant updates coming in New Horizon:

  • No more Expedition Timers – “Completing a mission will earn you that mission’s reward, no matter how long it takes. That means you’re free to experiment with any and all builds you like, from hulking great tanks, to support styles, goof around with friends… basically play how you want.”
  • Expedition rewards are now equalized
  • four new Expeditions are being added
    • Molten Depths – this sends you to a previously undiscovered power station in Eagle Peaks. It could be a valuable asset, but it’s currently inhabited some… unwanted tenants. Time to give them their eviction notice.
    • City of Nomads – you’ll meet a character haunted by the sins of his past. Despite his dark history, you decide to help him protect the old Pax village of Uketu Atarah.
    • The Marshal’s Complex – Grand Marshal Corrigan asks you to reclaim a facility near Deadrock Pass from insurgents. You’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot more to this mission than meets the eye.
    • The Wellspring – There’s an old Pax legend of a sacred place, where travelers travel far to drop their treasures into deep wells. You decide to find these treasures for yourself, despite a raging storm that seems to be getting worse all the time…
  • Legendary gear will be less grindy and more fun to find
  • Transmogrification to allow players to customize their look for all their gear
  • Skills and gear for all four classes have been buffed
  • Improved multiplayer
  • Better controls for console players
  • Skip the opening sequence is now enabled
  • Everyone logging in between now and November 30th will receive a free Legendary armor piece

The team also revealed that the Worldslayers expansion will drop into the game in 2022, though a more precise window was not announced.

Check out all of the details by visiting the Outriders official site.


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