Persona 5 Royal Release Date Set For March 2020

Persona 5 Royal, the new RPG based on the Persona 5 universe, has a release date and is set to steal your attention when it arrives on PS4 on 31 March 2020.

Announced mere hours ago, Atlus has confirmed that they are bringing the latest in the wildly popular persona franchise to Playstation 4 next year. The release date for the most recent Persona game means fans of the series will be able to rejoin the Phantom Thieves of Hearts In an epic escape to change the minds of the most horrid and corrupt members of society. Players picking up Persona 5 Royal will don the Joker’s mask as they delve into a new adventure.

A New Persona

Following the exploits of Persona 5, this return to Tokyo looks to be a massively expanded endeavor that will provide fans of the Phantom Thieves with a range of new Personas to unlock, an entirely new story arc, and a range of new endings to enjoy. Along the way, the game promises even more new content that will drag players even deeper into this world. With the expanded universe there are also extra characters for players to interact with. Kasumi Yoshizawa, an accomplished rhythmic gymnast who transferred to Shujin at the same time as the protagonist, will join the Phantom Thieves under the guise of Violet. Takuto Maruki also joins the roster of characters as a school counselor who is hired after the incident with Kamoshida.

If you don’t know what that incident is, then you’ve probably not had a chance to play the original Person 5 release. Hitting consoles worldwide back in 2017, Persona 5 grabbed fan and critical acclaim as it put players in the shoes of Joker, a member of the Phantom Thieves and spun a delicious tale that followed the usual persona mix of fantasy adventure and a slice of life RPG. Persona 5 Royal originally launched in Japan in October 2019 after an E3 teaser in June this year. Now it is finally coming to the rest of the world. Players eager to pick up the game will find a few different versions, detailed below.

Phantom Thieves Edition – $89.99

Official Joker Mask (comes with a stand)
Collector’s Box
Art book
Limited edition Steelbook® case
Dynamic PS4™ theme code

Launch Edition – $59.99

Limited edition Steelbook® case
Dynamic PS4™ theme code

Digital Persona 5 Royal Ultimate Edition $99.99

Includes the game and all DLC bundles plus 6 additional costume packs

Digital Persona 5 Royal Deluxe Edition $69.99

Includes the game and the “Persona 5 Royal Kasumi Costume Bundle”

Each of these editions comes with the original Persona 5 Royal DLC for free and electronic pre-orders geta Persona theme thrown in. We haven’t even mentioned the DLC bundles that are also available and if you want to check out these, and all the detail surrounding the Person 5 Royal release date, then you’ll have to head over to the official Atlus website for more details and get ready to don your own persona.


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