Phantasy Star Online 2 Launching for PC on May 27th

Phantasy Star Online 2

The time that North American PC gamers have been waiting for is nearly here. After what seems like endless years, Phantasy Star Online 2 is preparing to make its North American debut on PC on May 27th. The free-to-play game will be available for PC players via the Microsoft Store.

“We’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited arrival on PC,” said Fred White, PSO2 TEAM North America’s Head of Marketing. “There’s a loud and passionate PC fanbase who has been patiently waiting for the North American version – we can’t wait to welcome them in. There will be login bonuses waiting for them with more surprises planned in the coming months.”

The NA version of the game comes complete with fully localized text and all characters are voiced in English. PSO2 comes with all of the content released in the Japanese version over the last three years and also includes a number of balance and quality of life improvements.

Players will be able to choose from one of four available races and nine available classes before heading out to take on missions. When needing a break, they can head off to try their hand at Casino mini-games or hang out in the Alliance Quarters. There are also “live” stage events and the new ARKS League to explore.

Check out the Phantasy Star Online 2 official site to learn more about the game.

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