Phogs Drops an Adorable new Trailer

Phogs just gave us a new peek inside this upcoming co-op puzzle adventure, dropping a new trailer just ahead of its launch.

Not long after giving followers of this doggy duo a look inside Food World last week, publisher Coatsink unveiled a new trailer ahead of the full release of this pair of cute canines. Due to arrive on PC and Console on 3 December, Phogs is a captivatingly cute puzzle adventure where players pick up the controls and wield a pair of the best boys, connected at the middle with a long elastic body. Think catdog but, dogdog with a stretchy middle. Players keeping up with this adventure can take a quick glimpse at some of the activities available in this brand new trailer.


While we got our hands on a demo of Phogs back at EGX Rezzed when real-life events were a thing, the trailer shows a whole lot more to do across the game’s three core environments. Split across the themes of food, sleep, and play the Phogs are able to solve puzzles, navigate mazes, and take on some very different challenges. Everything from dodgems to drumming, and drawing means that these two are likely to do more than just chase fire hydrants. While the grrrrruesome twosome don’t give us too much more information on everything they’ll be doing in the new trailer, we’re going to be jumping into Phogs when it arrives on PC via Steam, Stadia, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Game Pass for PC on 3 December.

If you’re looking for something to whet your appetite for new games between now and 3 December then this might be the perfect opportunity to grab Coatsink’s other recent release, Cake Bash. You can check out our review of Cake Bash on Gamespace and find out more about the Phogs over on the official Phogs website now.

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