Prepare to Grind in Meat Boy Spin off Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine

Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine is preparing to make mincemeat of your brain when this new match 4 puzzler launches in 2023.

Super Meat Boy is getting a spin off of different proportions, as arch nemesis and all round rotter Dr. Fetus drops the Mean Meat Machine on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC later this year. Thunderful, Headup and Team Meat just announced the news that this unexpected brain basher is set to arrives, with a trailer and launch info over the weekend.

Taking place directly after the events of Super Meat Boy Forever, the latest in this hit indie franchise finds us helping Dr Fetus. In order to hatch another plot , this time we’re out to clone Meat Boy. However, it sees that the DNA specimen isn’t quite up to snuff and needs some work. The solution is to create a bunch of ruthless test chambers to weed out the crap clones from the good ones.

“We’ve had a fantastic relationship with Team Meat going back over a decade and it’s been a real pleasure to take that to the next level and work in collaboration with them to create Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine,” said Mark Aldrup, Head of Development at Headup. “Working together has allowed us to capture the hardcore essence of Meat Boy and bring it to a completely new genre to create a puzzle title unlike anything else out there.”

This nefarious plot takes the traditional match-4 puzzler and gives is a juicy twist. Backed by familiar Super Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy Forever locations like the picturesque forest, the hospital, and salt factory players will take on 100 hand crafted levels. Buzzsaws, spikey things, and ingenious traps all lie in wait, along with a huge end boss. This certainly isn’t Dr. Mario. You can expect the usual off the wall ideas and ruthless repeated death that the other Super Meat Boy games embody. For more on this superbly silly idea, check out the trailer above and head over to the official website now.

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