PRESS RELEASE: NOMAD Games Launches Popular Card Game Cat Lady on iOS and Android Today


Cheshire, England – November 7, 2018 | NOMAD Games have partnered with Alderac Entertainment Group to bring the mega-popular feline frenzy card game Cat Lady to the digital marketplace on iOS and Android today!

The physical version of Cat Lady was launched with huge success among fans at GenCon and PAX Unplugged last year. The game was created by Josh Wood and continues to be a favorite among the card game community for its fun, charm, and lovable cats. Players will build up a group of cats along with food, toys, and even catnip. By maintaining their health and happiness fans score victory points to win the game.

Don Whiteford CEO Nomad Games: “I come from a long line of Cat Ladies and this superbly designed and accessible card game from AEG is the perfect way to keep on top of the family tradition. Josh’s game is a real treat for families, cat lovers and card gamers alike”.

Josh Wood, designer: “My favorite thing about working on Cat Lady has been sharing the game with others, and watching them experience and love it. I’m thrilled that the app will introduce Cat Lady to a wider audience – both those who will get to play the game for the first time, as well as dedicated fans who will have a new way to play the game on the go. A big thank you to AEG and Nomad for making this happen. And remember to feed your cats!”

NOMAD Games is bringing the game to the digital market where friends can play locally. Join up together during family game night and draw cards to build a joyous group of cats and keep them happy. Cat Lady’s success among tabletop fans makes it the purrr-fect fit for a video game. Mixing cats with their toys and favorite foods, players can also rescue strays and help lost cats find homes.

If you’d like a review code on iOS or Android, please let us know!

Key Features

  • Easy and accessible gameplay.
  • Innovative card drafting mechanic.
  • Fill your home with cats and keep them fed.
  • Collect and rehome strays.
  • For up to four local players.
  • Share stats with friends online for Cat Lady status.
  • Collect cats, food, treats, toys and costumes!
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