Red Dead Online Gets Spooky for Halloween

Red Dead Online Halloween 2022

Rockstar likes to lay out plans for Red Dead Online on a monthly basis and October is no different. This month, developers are getting spooky and players will be able to take part in a number of Halloween-themed activities including all-new All Hallows’ Call to Arms locations. Halloween Pass 2 makes a return and much, much more.

Let’s take a look at October in RDO
  • Halloween Pass 2 comes back from now through October 31st. Players who previously enrolled in the pass will pick up progress where they left off. They’ll also maintain their VIP status.
  • Everyone earns a free Hired Gun Kit by completing the Halloween Pass 2. This includes those who finished it last year.
  • There are three new All Hallows’ Call to Arms locations: Heartland of Oil Fields, Limpany, and the St. Denis Cemetery
  • Players will earn triple RDO$ and XP on All Hallows’ Call to Arms missions
  • On October 18th, players will find three new Hardcore Telegram Missions
  • Everyone earns double Gold, RDO$, and XP in the Manhunt Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event, the Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity, and the Bluewater Contract.
  • Each week players log in, they’ll receive two free potent Health Cures.
  • Play any All Hallows’ Call to Arms during any week in October for 4x Gun Oil.
  • Play RDO during Halloween Week for two free Potent Snake Oil, three Pieces of Big Game Meat, and 25 Capitale.
  • Red Man and Tail options are free in October.
  • Players can collect the new free Community Outfit.
  • All Halloween Masks are 25% off at Madame Nazar’s.
  • Tons of items are on discount throughout October.
  • Prime Gaming players will want to collect their goodies.
October Halloween Featured Series Schedule

October 4 – 10: Hardcore Halloween Series 1 (Dead of Night)

    • Win a match in this week’s Featured Series to get a Treasure Map leading to a haul in the area North of Tumbleweed
    • Complete a Blood Money Contract to receive 60 rounds of Split Point Rifle Ammunition
    • Complete a Blood Money Opportunity to receive 30 Shotgun Explosive Slug Ammunition

 October 11 – 17: Hardcore Halloween Series 2 (Fear of the Dark)

      • Win a match in the Featured Series this week to receive a Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map
      • Complete Love and Honor to receive an Offer for 50% off a Camp Dog
      • Complete Kill Them, Each and Every One of Them to receive to get an Offer for 50% off an Advanced Camera

October 18 – 24: Halloween Series 1 (Dead of Night)

      • Win a match in the Halloween Featured Series to receive a North Clingman Treasure Map
      • Sell a Sample to Harriet to get a select colorway of the Carver Pants
      • Craft a Coat in Gus’ Shop to receive a Chestnut & Plum Martinville Horse Saddle

October 25 – 31: Halloween Series 2 (Fear of the Dark)

      • Win a match in the Halloween Featured Series to receive a West Hill Haven Treasure Map
      • Participate in the Halloween Featured Series with a Persistent Posse to get a Maple and Gold Martinville Horse Saddle
      • Players who participate in an All Hallows’ Call to Arms will receive a select colorway of the Carver Pants

Learn more on the Red Dead Online official site.

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