Ruins of Sarnath Arena Profiled in New Quake Champions Video

Ruins of Sarnath

Bethesda has released another new video from Quake Champions. This time, viewers get a look at The Ruins of Sarnath, a former temple of Cthalha.

Time weighs heavy  and nature has taken hold, dripping greens into the ruins of this ancient temple. Now, ages after they rose from the inky blackness of the Dreamlands, the Ruins are a blood-soaked killing field.

The Ruins of Sarnath

According to the dev team, Sarnath is a “slime-slicked” location with battles taking place in vertical space. Players will need to make heavy use of jump pads, ledges, tight hallways as well as wide open spaces in order to win.

Players will be able to find some pretty awesome gear to use while in battle. These pieces include:

  • Heavy Nailgun
  • Lightning Gun
  • Light Armor
  • Rocket Launcher

The Ruins contain both indoor and outdoor locations that provide a lot of different ways to fight tactically.  Covering all entrances and exits will be tricky as many of the interior locations also feature traps as well as ways to literally change the landscape of the room.

The video provides a pretty cool overview of the entire arena. You can also visit the official Quake Champions site to learn more specifics about the Ruins.

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