Rumor: Amazon Games New World Trailer Leaked On Reddit.

New World is a 17th century paranormal MMO that was brought to the worlds attention via Amazon Games in September 2016. Since, there has been no news just concern for Amazon Games as a developer with the withdrawal of Breakaway being in its open alpha state – though it is still being worked on behind the scenes.

This weekend New World footage appeared on a subreddit dedicated to New World from a first time poster, opening the speculation field once more for those thirsty for this game via the reddit and also New World Discord.

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First off we see three players in different armor all with guns and one with a sword. Interestingly their seems to be a woman with negroid hair though what descendant she is remains to be seen, their armor is different materials. Spanning across a fort build we then get shown a map that includes farm lands, outposts and forest with the original names of the North America’s. Lastly a man is running near fortified walls in what we’ve come to regard as the trademark New World medieval armor, which is all we’ve seen at this point.

It’s the narrative however that is most compelling.

“Group up in parties large or small for co-ordination, shared chat, maps, status awareness buffs and experience. Working together has never been so easy. Guilds and Alliances enable the organisation of hundreds of players with their own tasks and roles and large scale efforts toward a massive Marshall and economic power.”

What do you think? Is this really a possible survey or game trailer & if so what is your take on this little snippet of the new world of New World?

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