Sea Of Thieves Fate of the Damned Update Hs Docked on PC and Xbox One

Sea of Thieves brand new update, Fate of the Damned has cast all moorings and is live for PC and Xbox One right now.

Fans of the ‘ol Skull and Crossbones will be glad to hear that the latest update to Rare’s timber shivering pirate adventure just got a new update. The Fate of the Damned is a brand new addition to Sea of Thieves that comes absolutely free of charge and is, of course, perfectly suited to the year’s scariest of seasons.

Pirates might have noticed that they’re now dealing with a sudden influx of enemies on the high seas. These dangerous new nuisances are the Shadows of Fate, a tricky type of skeleton normally confined to the Fort of the Damned. Working together with the Bilge rats players will uncover the story behind this emerging threat as it unfolds week by week, carrying crews into different regions of the seas.

This oncoming storm means that nowhere is safe for adventurous captains and their crew. Pirates will receive Mysterious Notes before they set out on their adventures, urging them to speak with Larinna outside the tavern to find out what she’s learned, as well as which regions are being menaced by the Shadows of Fate. These troublesome corridors are a hive for pirate activity and nefarious schemes, you’ll need to plot a course carefully when venturing out this Halloween season and beyond.

Alongside this open world style change, you’ll find a whole chest full of narrative updates to Sea of Thieves as the Fate of The Dammed unfolds. There’s also plenty of booty as players gather Flames of Fate to celebrate the Sea of Thieves’ traditional Festival of the Damned, among other rewards. The pirate emporium is even getting a new Skeleton Cat and Dog to boot. This, and more, can be found over on the full patch notes for the Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damed update, available on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Steam and with Xbox Game Pass.

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