Snakebyte launch new Head:Set S for Nintendo Switch

Alongside the ever-present danger of damage, getting decent audio out of the Switch’s stereo jack is always a hassle. Now, Snakebyte thinks they’ve got a solution with the launch of their Head:Set S, a headset designed especially for the Nintendo Switch.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we highlighted Snakebyte’s new Tough:Kit for Nintendo Switch and the German peripheral manufacturer has followed their protective shield with another Nintendo treat. The Head:Set S is a set of cans specifically crafted for the Nintendo Switch’s various configurations, without breaking the bank. While the Arctis 3 offers an artillery of connection options and dual connectivity, the Head:Set S takes a more practical approach, offering up standard 3.5mm jack for Switch and Smartphone connectivity. By keeping a cord that can adjust between 1.5 and 4.5 meters Snakebyte aren’t just pushing down the price, but keeping things as flexible as possible.

The sound is generated by a pair of 40 mm Neodymium drivers that should make for a solidly immersive experience as gamers plow through their online competitors or just speed run the latest indie platformer. The Head:Set S features a removable boom mic so those of us busy commuters don’t need to worry about looking utterly ridiculous in public, and the overall aesthetic seems to be a nice balance of comfort and understated design. It all adders up to an interesting proposition at a surprisingly low price of around £15-£20. If you fancy snakeing one of these into your bag, you can find out more about the Snakebyte Head:Set S on the official website.

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