Starbreeze Announces Free Payday 2 VR Mode, Beta Testing Coming Soon


Starbreeze Studios has announced that Payday 2 is heading to virtual reality. The VR update is free to all players with beta testing expected to kick off later in 2017.

Starbreeze Bringing the Entire PD2 Experience to VR

During the live stream event, Overkill devs explained that the core gameplay is the same. The demo showed players using the HTC Vive headset and motion controllers to take on the game world. Players will also be able to do some pretty cool things, however, including aiming down the barrel of a gun. In addition, cooperative bank robbing will be a thing. Lastly, devs have said that the entire game will make the jump to VR.

Other features include:

  • full-body cover system
  • lean mechanics
  • shoot through windows and around walls
  • previous achievements earned will be unlocked in VR
  • cross play between VR & normal versions of the game

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