Survival Horror The Forest Will Release in April

The Forest

The developers of Survival Horror title The Forest have shared their plans on moving the game from Early Access stage into release version via Steam blog update.

From the update:

There are a bunch of new features we’ve been working on for v1.0, and want to give everyone an idea as to what we’re planning on shipping with. Languages and controller support will be improved and officially supported. We’re going to be adding new reasons and resources for killing the creepies. There will be a rethinking of the cold and warmth system, including a new warm suit. New buildables will be added. There will be some big performance optimizations especially for late game saves. Changes and improvements to how multiplayer save games work and along with this a bunch of dedicated server improvements. The multiplayer clothing system is being improved and expanded, with a new system to allow you to switch outfits. We’ll also give some details about a VR game mode when we are closer to release. Along with a bunch more we don’t have room to include here, we have some really crazy and fun surprises in store, especially regarding the ending and are really excited to see what people think.

The latest patch v0.73 includes new icon grouping system and a ton of UI improvements, bug fixes, tweaks and more. You can find the full changelog on the project’s Facebook page.

The Forest will let you step into the shoes of a sole survivor of a passenger jet crash who had found himself in a mysterious forest. You will have to battle against a society of cannibalistic mutants to survive. The game allows players to chop down trees to build camps or start a fire to keep warm as well as scavenge food to keep from starving. You can look forward to laying traps and building defenses, crafting weapons and tools, using stealth and much more.

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