Switch Update Provides Player Choice To SD Card Saves

switch update SD card shipping

The latest Nintendo Switch update has just gone live and it adds an SD card feature that has been missing from the console since launch.

Fans of Nintendo’s handheld masterpiece will know the feeling of mild frustration when checking the space left on your device. Watching local memory fill up without the ability to push complete or just huge games onto an SD card has been a time sink that Switch owners have had to accept for some time now. Since launch, the mobile device ha lacked a feature that most of us would balk at loosing on PC. Now that is all about to change. Version 10.0.0 os the Switch operating software has just arrived and players can finally move data between SD card and system memory. The system update should also allow players to move other downloadable software and DLC between the storage mediums. Saved games still seem to be excluded, so you’ll still probably want a Nintendo Online subscription to keep those safe in the cloud.

More Options

In addition to the save feature, Nintendo has also added the option to remap the controller buttons in the latest update to the Switch software. Once downloaded and installed, the change will give owners the option to remap up to five stick and button configs can be changed for each paired controller and will work on a Joy-Con, the integrated buttons on the Switch Lite system or a Nintendo Pro Controller. The change should allow for extra functionality for those of us that are still a bit lost when making the jump between different console platforms. In addition, and more importantly, it is a step in the right direction for accessibility and hardware design. It might not be a huge step but it still matters.

This isn’t all the changes that you’ll see but if you’re eager to get some off the title’s larger games like Zelda or Doom moved without redownloading them then you an kick off the update manually now. Check out the full details over at the Nintendo update notes now.


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