The AOC U28G2XU Unveils 4K Gaming At 144Hz

AOC U28G2XU monitor

AOC has just announced the new U28G2XU, a monitor that seems to have everything, with 4K resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and a teeny tiny 1ms response time.

The monitor manufacturer that surprised us all recently with a range of new gaming peripherals is at it again. The newly announced AOC U28G2XU is a display built for gaming and appearing to have everything under one chassis. This brand new display doesn’t just come with the expected 4K resolution, it manages to cram it into a 28 inch screen with a full 144Hz refresh rate and top tier latency of only 1ms.


The new U28G2XU comes with an IPS panel at the core of this new desktop display. The three sided borderless display can cope with the gorgeous landscapes of open world RPGs without missing any of the action, thanks to the two DisplayPort (1.4) connections. Incorporated alongside the DP ports, are HDMI 2.0 ports that can support 4K @ 60 Hz. For anybody who wants something in between, then the HDMI 2.0 ports can also reach QHD resolutions at 120Hz.

While speed and static resolution might seem like everything, the U28G2XU’s impressive 370 nits brightness and contrast of 1000:1, make the included HDR 400 certification a little surprise and should provide a stunning dynamic range when blowing up TIE fighters. Finally, there’s more to the new AOC monitor than on screen antics. The built-in 4-port USB 3.2 hub provides plenty of day to day options, alongside the 3W speakers, but we’d probably plug in the GH200 for work calls anyhow.

All in the AOC U28G2XU seems to have all gamers squarely in its crosshairs. The inclusion of typically aggressive gamer aesthetics, a superb refresh rate, speedy responses, and full 4K support means that whether you’re tearing through Overwatch or strolling across the rolling English countryside, the U28G2XU should give you the best view of the action. The AOC U28G2XU will hit store shelves from August 2021 at an RRP of £589. Find out more on the official AOC website now

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