The F.A.R.T.s Are Back in Moving Out 2 Coming in 2023

Moving Out 2

Team 17 has thrilled millions of gamers around the world with its Gamescom 2022 announcement that Moving Out 2 is in the works and preparing for a 2023 release. Players ready to strap on the F.A.R.T.s coveralls can do so across a number of platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technicians, or F.A.R.T.s, are ready to pack up their virtual customers’ technology, furniture, and everything else including the kitchen sink. They will take everything with them as they travel to increasingly bizarre locations with increasingly difficult challenges. Best of all MO2 offers online co-op and cross-play in the continuation of the popular franchise.


  • Co-op Continued: Players can either take on Moving Out 2 solo, or with friends (or enemies) in both couch and cross-play enabled online co-op.
  • Location, location, location: 50+ new levels offer up interesting and hazardous challenges for the F.A.R.Ts to pit their moving prowess against.
  • Physics: Gravity is both a cruel mistress and a F.A.R.T’s best friend; use it to get items to where they need to go faster… but maybe not in one piece.
  • Crazy characters: Featuring a whole new host of smooth movers, Moving Out 2 showcases entirely new characters that will both enchant and horrify.
  • Assist mode: Movers of all abilities are welcome in Packmore; with Assist Mode, the possibilities (and fun) are endless, and inclusive!

Check out the Moving Out 2 official site for more information.


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