To The Star is an Odd Alice In Wonderland Survival Sim

To The Star - player stands at the top of a hill with swirling vines

An outlandish Alice in Wonderland survival sim idea introduces To The Star today.

The studio behind Gord has just announced a new and entirely unexpected new adventure. Taking the established crafting sandbox sim and lacing it a little inspiration from the psychedelic literary realm, this surreal new title is called To The Star. While the upcoming adventure might sound like something from Journey to the Savage Planet or High on Life, it takes a ton of inspiration from more earthbound source.

When it arrives in Early Access, this mix of unexplored vistas and swirling plant life will challenge players to explore craft and survive among a wilderness that seems to glow, shriek, and take us on a trip by just peering at the screenshots. The slightly silly visual ideas are not all that set this apart. Well established survival systems might be available, but they are contorted by this creation. Cook up a storm by gathering ingredients but be sure to keep plenty of suppressed emotions of lost dreams to hand to pepper the snail slime. They won’t just make you stronger either. Taste your feelings with some superb cooking or just go craft a weapon hat does something equally bizarre. Base building is just as odd, slipping inside your own suitcase, while I don’t even want to know what the spherical bunny things do.

With a whimsical take on a genre that needs all the fresh ideas it can get, To The Star is due to come to Early Access soon. We found it loitering on Steam, so keep an eye out and don’t be late. We don’t think there’s a Queen of Hearts, but I wouldn’t aim to find out.

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