Tomb Raider, Hitman, & Call of Duty: How Video Games Influence Casinos

Tomb Raider

When the entertainment industry knows what’s good, it hangs on to it. Massive, multimillion-dollar franchises have been created that span books, TV, video games, and movies. For example, Tomb Raider started as a game but its 2001 film version earned $275 million and was the highest-grossing video game adaption for nine years. Additionally, the entire DC and Marvel world has spawned an ecosystem that sits across the entire entertainment sphere. But, cross-media success stories aren’t limited to superheroes, supervillains, and people dressed in tight-fitting clothing.

There are many examples of video games being picked up and turned into online slots. After all, the transition from one type of game to another is a fairly simple one to make – while big names help draw customers in. Online slots are a huge business and people are spending more money at casinos than ever before – the industry is expected to grow by 13.2% in just one year. Videos games that are repurposed will be at the forefront of that revolution, so let’s check out a couple and see how they’ve influenced online slots.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is an instantly recognizable character that has inspired a thousand Halloween outfits. The game inspired the movies, as Alicia Vikander and Angelina Jolie brought the explorer to life. As mentioned earlier, the film version of the game was hugely successful and remains one of the largest grossing adaptions ever. Lara is represented in this game, which is designed by Microgaming and triggers a 10 free spin bonus round. How generous of her! This game includes all the stables that a fan of Tomb Raider would expect to see. There are mysterious symbols, artifacts, and more. However, there are no mini-games within the actual game.


Hitman is a video game franchise that has enjoyed longevity and success. First created in 2000, we’ve been presented with 11 titles and in 2007 the game was turned into a film – which earned $82,182,803 worldwide. This hugely successful franchise was developed into a slot machine game by Microgaming in 2008 and features all the accessories that you’d associate with the master assassin, Agent 47. You’ve got knives, you’ve got guns and you’ve got… jokes?

You can unlock a very Hitman mini-game that requires users to chose a target to be removed out of a lineup – and all you have to make your choice is a description of the individual. Your attack will determine the value of the bonus.

Call of Duty

From one insanely successful video game franchise to the next, we arrive at Call of Duty like a sniper’s bullet out of a gun. This is a monumental franchise that has seeped into nearly every gamer’s consciousness at some point. Who among us hasn’t tested their patience trying to become a silent but deadly killer?  Cryptologic is the producer of this game, which features a 5-reel slot machine and everything we’ve come to expect from Call of Duty: mines, grades, an arsenal of weapons to chose from, and some great soundtracks.

Get a little extra from the bonus game, which allows a player to shoot down a few enemies and unlock various bonuses.

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