Torchlight III Rolls Out Relic Update

Torchlight III Rolls Out Relic Update

Torchlight III has released the Relic Subclass update which is now available as the final major Early Access update before the full release of the game later this year.

This update is a culmination of players’ feedback that has been gathered by the team ever since Torchlight III entered Early Access: adding more skills slots, new mini-dungeon areas, hair color options, fort decorations, UI scaling and video settings updates. Additionally, the update adds five powerful and unique Relic Subclasses, each a full skill class tree leaning heavily into a specific combat style, with Relic energy, weapon masteries, and passive and active skills.

Of course, it is not a true update if it does not include a variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements!

Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more.

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  1. I wanted to play yesterday but the Midwest Storm Gods claimed my PSU this week 🙁

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