Valorant Devs Reveal a New Agent Named Neon

Riot Games has introduced the Valorant community to a brand new agent named Neon. She will be arriving in the game on Monday, January 10, 2022 but today’s announcement heralds her arrival with a new video called “Spark”. As one expects with any Riot video, images are both animated and taken from inside the game. In addition, another terrific track called “Entertain Me” (88rising and Ylona Garcia) overlays the action.

Neon’s imminent arrival has been teased by developers and an image of her was inadvertently leaked by Amazon Prime Gaming earlier in the week. Filipino fans are pretty jazzed about Neon given her background. Hints about Neon came in the December State of the Agents update with some information about her Manilla, Philippines origin. This was accomplished through at least a pair of hints using the Filipino language. Now everything has been confirmed.

As expected from her name, Neon utilizes speed and electricity-based abilities to create havoc with her fellow Agents.

Keep an eye on the Valorant official site to learn more about Neon over the coming days.

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  1. Nice! Between Arcane and Witcher series I’m being pulled into these LoL and Witcher universes on all fronts LOL.

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