Warframe : 1999 Trailer Goes A Little Bit Metal Gear

Digital Extremes just dropped a trailer for something unlike any other update, and it’s called Warframe: 1999

TennoCon 2023 just wrapped up but that doesn’t mean the excitement is done. Digital Extremes added a bunch of new information to the upcoming year of Warframe content and dropped an intriguing teaser for Warframe: 1999.

Billed as something of an extra to the base Warframe title, this third person preview drops players into a 1990’s Metal gear inspired adventure, all orchestrated to a thumping Nine Inch nails soundtrack. The geared-up protagonist certainly looks like a familiar Tenno, but this katana wielding operative begins 5 minutes of action in an abandoned subway train. Technology gone rampant seems to thread itself through the windows and a plethora of corrupted electronic constructs barrel through the dimly lit space. Throughout the next few minutes, the video shows the title’s protagonist physically fatigued as if injured or infected, between gunning down waves of these glowing constructs. What little can be gleamed suggests that 1999 is more than just a title. The ongoing conflict appears to be on the cusp of Y2k and the actions of a certain doctor appear to be at the heart of this encounter. We already know that this is connected to the Sleeper, but this doesn’t answer all our questions right now.

Aside form being incredibly atmospheric, Warframe: 1999 could be a great way for players to experience Warframe who aren’t yet invested in the lore of this sci-fi universe and the Whispers in the Wall update Right now we’re just asking a bunch of questions and playing the soundtrack on repeat. Check out more about Warfame: 1999 on the official TennoCon 2023 replay and website.

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