World Of Tanks Has A Hellish Halloween With Silent Hill Creators

World of Tanks, Wargaming’s explosive mechanised battler, is treading into Halloween with the help of some Silent Hill legends.

Between 26 October and 9 November, World of tanks is inviting players to its biggest ever Halloween event. Collaborating with Masahiro Ito, the Art Director and Monster Designer behind the Silent Hill universe and Akira Yamaoka the star Composer behind the same series of screams, the latest battlefront for World of Tanks players might not be the sort of adventure you and your squad are used to.

Plunging players into a scientific experiment gone wrong, the biggest Halloween event in WoT history will explore the dreadful past and lore behind the town of Mirny-13. Gathering up your ammunition, it is up to you and your compatriots to save the world. Taking on a brand new PVE coop event, heroic commanders can trudge through four changing worlds in Platoons of five, riding in specifically modified Tier IX tanks for this event, unlocking the story of Mirny-13 as they go. It’s not all a ride in the countryside, however. This town comes covered in a mysterious fog and is inhabited by a range of foes from dexterous Rabbits to a gigantic goliath that seems to be modelled after the unstoppable behemoths of classic horror games. In order to give us all a hint of what lies in store at the front line of this battle, World of Tanks also just dropped a guide to the town of Mirny-13, up above.

Throughout the World of Tanks Halloween 2020 event, tankers will be able to access unique event content, carrying special Crew members, 3D styles and camos, and also heaps of XP and Credits over to the main game. There are even 3D skins designed by Masahiro Ito himself, whilst enjoying a haunting ambient track for the event hangar created by Akira Yamaoka! Get ready to hold onto your helmets, or just check out the full event details over at the official website now, or check out some other the other spooky content coming up this month.

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