Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test Registrations Are Open for Entry Into New Eridu

Hold onto your Bangboo, HoYoverse just opened sign ups for the Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test . Detailed over on the official website and in social posts early this morning, the studio behind gargantuan hit Genshin Impact and turn based adventure Honkai Star rail confirmed that players looking to go hands on with the latest title can expect a new round of closed beta testing, a whole host of updates, and plenty of changes in New Eridu.

Registrations are already open for the urban fantasy ARPG and anybody looking to play at being Proxy can head over to the official website to put their name down now. Players will be able to pick up the challenge of this brand-new IP and play across PC, iOS, and Android. Although a PlayStation 5 version will arrive on launch, team blue will have to wait to sample the dangers that await in this new world. The latest look at Zenless Zone Zero will bring a whole host of changes and updates, compared to previous outings. While we were wildly enthusiastic during our Gamescom 2023 hands on, the new slice of action will include a ne character, new factions, combat changes, modified exploration systems, and more.


One of the most divisive parts of 2023’s test was the TV Wall. HoYo has promised that players should find the Hollow Board much improved this time around. Thanks to a significant update of the HDD System, exploration should be far more efficient. We know that this means players will be able to leap straight into a combat challenge known as Shiyu Defense, along with a series of combat missions without too many prerequisite steps. The intent is to unlock challenging boss battles with minimal steps. What else that might include is largely unknow, right now.

Combat has also been tweaked to feel more dynamic, allowing a more intense experience for all levels of players. Bangboos are also far deadlier now too. These unusual companions will feature a newly developed combat technique — Bangboo chain attacks. The explosive backdrop of New Eridu will also play host to a brand-new character, Zhu Yuan, and a new faction — New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team.

If you’ve been busy preparing for the Honkai Star Rail Version 2.1 update or off to check out the Genshin Impact Nature Trail then there’s still plenty of time to check out Zenless Zone Zero. This round of testing doesn’t appear to have a set date quite yet and a full release is expected to arrive later 2024.

Zenless Zone Zero is a very different proposition to either of HoYo’s smash hits. Set in an urban landscape that’s a little more modern landscape than Mondstadt, New Eridu stands as a thriving hub of humanity against a backdrop of cataclysm. With tears in reality causing a near collapse of civilization, this holdout of humanity uses especially skilled individuals to traverse these occurrences and keep the city running smoothly. What sounds like a simple fetch and carry job is riddled with ferocious enemies, massive boss fights, and an action combat system that blew us away in previous encounters.

The best way to experience the Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test is to head over to the official website and put your name down now.

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