Tartarus Launch Trailer Reveals November 21st Release

Abyss Gameworks has sent out the official Tartarus launch trailer with some big news. The game is preparing for take off on November 21st.


You are Cooper, a ship’s cook and space miner, whose job is to try to save the ship from impending doom. You have little or no training in the systems you must restart to avoid disaster. The ship is on a crash course for Neptune. You’ll get a bit of help from “Andrews”, however, it’s an uphill fight.

You’ll play along in first person in a game that is a mix of genres including action, sci-fi and horror.

You are trying to hack the ship’s system’s via using “Terminals”. Hacking the ship is the real challenge. You have to use specific Terminal commands, which are very realistic, to make it work. Sometimes you have to search “Items” to get information which you need, to solve problems.

You’ll be able to start playing on November 21st and can check out the game’s Steam page to learn more.

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