New Games on Nintendo Switch This Week – Heroes and Nuts

Another day, another dollar – that you should be spending on some new games on NINTENDO SWITCH! The week you’ve all been waiting for is here. It’s here folks, and if your interest is piqued even a little, you’ll read on in our list of New Games on Nintendo Switch This Week to find out why this week is different than all other weeks. Let’s roll the list!


Release: July 16th 2019

Are you trustworthy? Are you an arctic explorer stranded at an abandoned research station? I wasn’t when I initially reviewed Distrust on other platforms a while back. Now that feeling of survival transitions over to the Switch this week.  In Distrust, “the survivors will have to resist the nightmares of dead frost and hunger. As they try to escape the dangers of the long dark polar night and find the way to the shelter of the abandoned station, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario.”  If survival is your thing, then Distrust is all up in your alley.

Forklift – The Simulation 

Release: July 16th 2019

forklift the simulation

When I was a younger man, I worked in a warehouse where I was not allowed to drive the forklift. It wasn’t that I couldn’t, it’s just that, apparently, you need some type of licensing or certifications or what have you.  Well not anymore SUCKAS! In Forklift – The Simulation, you hop on one of those yellow, mini-elephant machines and you ride like the wind. You’ll also “manage a Warehouse and deliver the goods in time. Master and unlock 9 different challenges with increasing difficulty.” So stop what you’re doing and just deliver the goods. Deliver them now!

Let’s Sing 2019 

Release: July 16th 2019

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no musical dynamo. If Japanese Karaoke has taught us anything, we don’t have to be to have fun singing! In Let’s Sing 2019, you’ll be able to ham it up with 30 songs, while singing in a group of up to 4 players. You’ll even be able to use your phone as a microphone with the Microphone App! You have no excuses now, so get your buddies together, and Let’s Sing! (Let’s meaning you can invite me, if you want.)

LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity 

Release: July 16th 2019

Space, the final-ish frontier. You are a lone astronaut. Kind of like a lonesome space cowboy if you think about it. You have no ship, but you have to find your way home.  In our review of Lost Orbit – Terminal Velocity, you’ll notice that it’s a jolly good time, as you “encounter fast paced challenges, make unlikely friendships and test the bonds of family as you take on the forces of the universe, alien invasions and space pirates.”  Find your way home you crazy space cowboy!

Let’s Go Nuts 

Release: July 17th 2019

For 4 player co-op action, pound for pound, you won’t find as many nuts as you will in Let’s Go Nuts.  With 40 levels and multiple worlds, you will fight monsters and get those nuts. “Save squirrels in single-player levels, endless mode, and local co-op multiplayer” where fast paced action is the name of the game, aside from Let’s Go Nuts which is the actual name of the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Release: July 19th 2019

This is it! What we have ALL been waiting for. This week, Marvel Ultimate Alliance releases EXCLUSIVELY on the Nintendo Switch. Avengers eat your heart out, in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, put a squad together of Marvel characters from across the universe! Slice and dice with Wolverine! Blast through Sentinels with Starlord! Become the original One Punch Man with Iron Fist! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is shaping up to be one of THE games of 2019, DON’T MISS IT!

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