artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Tricks to Learn to Fight the Incredible Artificial Intelligence Characters in Video Games

All video games have some level of artificial intelligence to do all the things that are limited to humans. While the player has lots of control using the console, they need a little extra un-realness...

AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is the RPG You’ve Been Looking For

In the vast ocean of games that appear on the virtual shelves every year, rarely do “text-based” titles get a second look for gamers looking for a new thrill. We have games where you can b...

Wheel of Fate

Upcoming Wheel of Fate RPG will use AI to build a custom world

Former BioWare developer Miles Holmes is banking on his innovative take on the RPG genre with this week’s announcement of Wheel of Fate. The game will utilize artificial intelligence to create a...

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