World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic

How WoW Classic builds on an already successful platform

It suffices to say that it`s only natural as a gamer to switch between games. If we didn’t, we’d surely miss out on new games, right!? That same principle applies to the original World of ...

World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic receives its first big content update

World of Warcraft Classic players looking to test their mettle will be able to thanks to the opening of the Dire Maul 5-player dungeon. The massive dungeon features a whopping three wings with tons of...

WoW Classic

The Most Recommended WoW Classic Add-ons

Addons make everything easier. From cleaning up the UI to other quality of life improvements, they’ve carved out a niche of importance for themselves. They’re so important that they are re...

World of Warcraft Classic Review

World of Warcraft: Classic brings back an experience that most players have been craving for about 15 years. This past month has been an incredible journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed partaking in....

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WoW Classic: Finding Your Footing

In Part I of our World of Warcraft Classic review, I focused more on the nostalgia train and my initial experience with Classic’s launch. This week, I’ll be diving into how it is holding up almost thr...

WoW Classic: Returning Home

World of Warcraft: Classic released on August 26th, 2019, to an eager audience that was more than ready to come home. Though it has made some considerable strides in the 15 years since its release, a ...

WoW Classic

Free realm transfers announced for WoW Classic

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that a round of free realm transfers will be coming to WoW Classic. The service will not be available for all Classic realms, but only “select realms” ...

WoW Classic LFG Addons Will Be Restricted To Preserve the Spirit of the Game

WoW Classic: LFG Addons Will Be Restricted To Preserve the Spirit of the Game

About a week ago, World of Warcraft: Classic community was thrown in turmoil at the news of new ClassicLFG addon that was supposed to simplify and automate looking for groups and partying up to take o...

Military & Veterans Gamers Group

Military & Veteran Gamers Group hosting WoW Classic launch day charity stream

One of our favorite groups of folks is getting ready for yet another charity live stream event. The Military & Veteran Gamers Group is hosting a 24-hour World of Warcraft Classic launch party. The...

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