World of Warcraft Classic

Celebrate WoW's 17th Anniversary With In-Game Events

Celebrate WoW’s 17th Anniversary With In-Game Events

World of Warcraft is turning 17! Between now and December 6th, log in to Shadowlands to receive the special achievement and check your in-game mail for a special Anniversary Gift Package that contains...

World of Warcraft Reveals Community Council

World of Warcraft Reveals Community Council & Releases Shadowlands Update 9.1.5

The developers from Blizzard Entertainment have taken to the official forums to reveal the new initiative: World of Warcraft Community Council. This program will add another venue for communication be...

WoW Classic - Blizzard Banned Over 74,000 Accounts for Exploits

WoW Classic – Blizzard Banned Over 74,000 Accounts

Activision Blizzard‘s community manager Kaivax has taken to the official World of Warcraft Classic forums to reveal that over the last month Blizzard closed or suspended over 74,000 in the Ameri...

WoW Classic

WoW Classic Players to Tackle Zul’Gurub Raid & More

WoW Classic has been updated to bring a host of new content into the game for players to explore. The patch is anchored by the opening of the 13-boss Zul’Gurub raid in Stranglethorn which is acc...

WoW Classic

Former EverQuest Producer Snapped Up for WoW Classic

WoW Classic has snapped up one of the MMORPG genre’s most experienced veterans as part of its ranks. Former longtime EverQuest producer Holly Longdale has posted to her LinkedIn page that she ha...

WoW Classic

Arathi Basin PvP mayhem arrives in WoW Classic

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that WoW Classic has been updated to bring frantic PvP action to level 20+ players in the form of Arathi Basin. The instanced battleground features 15v15 Alliance ...

WoW Classic

WoW Classic is Classic for a Reason

Should Blizzard Release WoW the Burning Crusade? The new release of World of Warcraft Classic was a major hit, but should Blizzard push the envelope with a remastered Burning Crusade? A string of erro...

WoW Classic

Two instanced PvP battlegrounds now out in WoW Classic

For WoW Classic fans who aren’t content with open world PvP of their rivals, Blizzard has good news. Two instanced battlegrounds have now descended into the game. Both Warsong Gulch and Alterac ...

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