Arathi Basin PvP mayhem arrives in WoW Classic

WoW Classic

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that WoW Classic has been updated to bring frantic PvP action to level 20+ players in the form of Arathi Basin. The instanced battleground features 15v15 Alliance versus Horde in a war to collect 2000 resources before the timer runs out.

The fight takes place across a sprawling battlefield within the game. It is sprinkled with five bases that need to be captured and held: Farm, Stables, Mine, Lumber Mill, and Blacksmith. The more bases a faction holds, the faster resources accrue. With a limited number of players available to hold so many bases, teams will need to utilize strategic gameplay in order to be successful.

As players take part in Arathi Basin, they can earn reputation with their faction’s representatives. For the Horde, reputation is earned with The Defilers. For the Alliance, the League of Arathor is the target group. The more reputation that is earned, the more rewards can be purchased. These faction-based rewards include potions, bandages and even “epic pieces of armor and weapons” depending on reputation level.

The Arathi Basin instanced PvP battleground joins Warson Gulch and Alterac Valley to provide players with a chance to take it to the opposing faction.

Learn more about Arathi Basin on the WoW Classic official site.

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