Alaloth Gameplay Trailer Highlights ARPG Action


All in! Games and Gamera Interactive have sent out a brand new gameplay trailer for Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms. The trailer showcases over ten minutes of ARPG action from the upcoming title that also features “narrative support” from RPG superstar Chris Avellone.

The trailer provides viewers with a look at a number of gameplay features including:

  • the starter area where players will create their kingdom as well as get a look at race-based skills, fighting styles, house alignment, and deity selection. Players will also be able to choose custom names and appearances.
  • the city of Goldport where players will pick up quests, listen to local news, and purchase items for the journey.

Game features:

  • Master a unique, hardcore combat system.
  • Customize a character by choosing different Ways of Power, classes, and skills.
  • Explore, craft, gain reputation, and unlock new quests.
  • Choose one of 4 playable races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs), 40+ houses and clans to fight for, each with their own history.
  • Start your own legacy in The Four Kingdoms after the first playthrough.
  • 12 memorable companions with their own backstories, ready to join or fight you during your journey.
  • World, lore, and character backstories created in collaboration with RPG veteran Chris Avellone.

The game is expected to be released later in 2020 for both Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Check out the video and then head to the Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms official site to learn more.

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