Atlas Team Introduces New Modular Ship Blueprints


The Atlas team has introduced a new class of ships into the pirate-themed MMO with the addition of the Broadsider, a ship built using the new modular blueprint system. This behemoth ship features a whopping 40 cannons that will surely bring havoc to the high seas.

The Broadsider is the first in a new system of modular ships that is only craftable by following a blueprint design. These blueprints are discovered in shipwrecked sunken treasure locations around the world, and then craftable in the advanced shipyard. Blueprints come in different rarities – the rarer the blueprint, the more modular points players will have to then customize their ships. Test your luck and see if you can craft a mythical Broadsider to add to your fleet.

Other components of the patch include:

  • additional modular blueprints
  • bug fixes
  • miscellaneous fixes

Check out the details by visiting the Atlas official site.

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