Battlerite Expands the Fun with Battlegrounds Mode


Stunlock Studios has announced that Battlerite will be growing a bit larger today. You’ll be able to take part in a new game mode pithily called “Battlegrounds” later today.

Battlerite Battlegrounds Mode

In Battlegrounds, you’ll find an objectives-based 3v3 game mode including two distinct phases. In the first half, you will participate in the event phase. Your objective is to secure or complete various tasks. In part two, you’ll work on the “assault and defend” phase including one team defending while the other attacks.

In addition to this, Battlegrounds features new mechanics “as well as some refined mechanics”. These retooled mechanics include Respawn, Capture Points, NPCs and Balloons, Power Shards and much more.

Featuring quick and intense, highly competitive, rip-roaring 2v2 and 3v3 battles, Battlerite has already attracted over 1 million players in Early Access on Steam and is slated for commercial launch onĀ November 8th.

You can learn more on the Steam Early Access page.

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