BoxVR Extreme DLC Pack Goes Live Today

box vr extreme dlc

BoxVR, the virtual reality boxing fitness title, just landed a new Extreme DLC pack today with a ton of new updates for players.

Developer FitXR just dropped the latest DLC add on for their rhythm title, BoxVR, today and the brand new Extreme Pack brings a new combo of way to play to this, at home, ring. Available now on Oculus Quest and Steam, the latest downloadable content pack takes working out to a new level, with workouts designed by professional fitness instructors and choreographed for the advanced user who really wants to stretch their legs, core, and all the places that hurt. Users grabbing a strenuous workout can expect to try out these new workouts alongside 18 extra music tracks tailored to a variety of musical tastes. Everyone from fans of instrumental to hard electronica can try out the new faster tempos and intricate combos in the Extreme pack for a workout that should really work up a sweat.

If you’ve not heard of BoxVR, this VR based rhythm title is a little different to your saber swinging expectations. The fitness styled title launched across Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and pits players against a series of rhythm-based tracks full of uppercuts, jabs, and the dreaded squats. What makes BoxVR stand out against its competitors on the market is the fitness element baked into this entertainment. With a range of workouts designed by fitness professionals and a full range of body moment in the VR environment, we found we definitely got fitter, or just sore, when we reviewed BoxVR here at Gamespace. If you are ready to step up your work out then BoxVR Extreme Pack is available now ad will cost you £7.99 and $9.99 from the Oculus and Steam stores.


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