Check Out 15-Minutes of Control: AWE

Remedy has released the replay of a recent live stream event to showcase the upcoming Control: AWE expansion. During the event, devs played through the first 15-minutes of the game that draws a direct link between the events of Control and the Alan Wake series. In addition to new gameplay, the Remedy team also revealed the first details about the free update that all players will receive when AWE launches on August 27th.

The free update will include:

  • smoother, more intuitive movement to give Jesse more power
  • more Control Points will be added by bosses and larger-scale fights
  • additional soft checkpoints to alleviate combat after dying and respawning
  • Assist Mode will make the game easier to play by allowing customization of the game’s difficulty

Look for AWE on August 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the Control: AWE official site to learn more about the expansion.

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