Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Grounded For Six More Months

fleet carrier elite dangerous

Fans of Elite Dangerous have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of Fleet Carriers into the game but it looks like they are going to be stuck in space dock for another six months.

I can just about remember the 2017 reveal of the Fleet Carrier concept. Back during discussions around Gamescom and Frontier Expo, the team behind the expansive space game talked through Fleet Carriers as part of the 2018 Beyond roadmap. Designed to allow 16 players to congregate on a single gargantuan home ship, fleet carriers would change the shape of exploration and combat in Elite Dangerous. Rather than scraping together a ship and going solo into the great beyond, players could use this moving base as a jumping-off point for longer incursions into the unknown. As well as acting ass a base of operations to organized squads, the Fleet Carriers are intended to be a massive investment, just as you’d expect.

Stalled In Spacedock

Unfortunately, the addition was dropped from the most recent Beyond update and was pushed to December this year. It turns out, however, that Frontier has now pushed the Fleet Carrier back until the second quarter of 2020 in an announcement on their Forum. You can check out the full post here, but the result is that Frontier is focusing on other major priorities. The September update for the sim introduced a bunch of bugs and Frontier is looking to get these squashed before pushing a game-changing ship out into the wild.

While Frontier is looking to continue to work towards one of the game’s biggest ever updates, they will almost exclusively pour their effort in 202 into squashing a range of high priority and long-standing issues that need to be addressed. With player’s support and testing hopefully this all goes to plan and pilots will get some extra time to save up credits for a shiny new carrier. You can check out Elite Dangerous and the recent update news over on the official website.


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