Essential Things to Consider When Buying Xbox One

Xbox One

So you want to buy an Xbox One but you still have doubts? It’s understandable. We have been waiting for a new Xbox release for over five years, hoping for it to be better than the last one. Well, we are here to assure you that Xbox One and its follow up will not disappoint. Microsoft has considered its past mistakes and delivered a new, greater version of the world’s most famous console. If you still have doubts about whom you want to show your loyalty, we can help. Here are 5 essential reasons to consider when buying an Xbox One.

  1. Xbox has considered its past mistakes

Yes, we all remember the 2013 Xbox release and failure. It could hardly complete with the new (at the time) PlayStation model. Its design was much more difficult to the eye than PS. It was more expensive while also less powerful. In addition, its operating system was quite doubtful, along with some other minor software dissatisfactory factors. Returning to the present days, though, Microsoft has worked hard to catch up with everything previous Xbox models have been missing. The developers have greatly improved the software with numerous interface revisions. They have also upgraded the hardware, making Xbox One user experience quite enjoyable. They have eliminated all the upsetting downfalls and offered much more modern and well-thought-of revisions. Overall, currently, Xbox One with its two recent versions creates serious competition for Sony consoles.

  1. Exclusives

Microsoft has really stepped up its game on the exclusives (no pun intended). Yes, over the years, PS has been the leading console with the largest number of popular exclusive games. Though, Xbox One seems to be on the way to change that. Now, even many esports gambling companies seem to shift towards the Microsoft games over Sony’s. Overall, here you can decide for yourself and see the lists of exclusive for both consoles to see what you fancy most.

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  1. Performance

Remember all those bags that you have witnessed in older versions of Xbox? The lower resolutions, slower processor, lower settings? Well, they are gone. Starting with Xbox One S, Microsoft demonstrates a much more powerful performance that will impress even the biggest skeptics. You can see the difference if you compare it even with the newest PS console. Xbox One can run games on 4K resolutions, which is far beyond reach for PS software.

  1. Prices

In the past, the Xbox was pretty much the most expensive console you could buy. Well, once again, it is not the truth anymore. You can see it for yourself. Check the prices on most Nintendo or PS models. You’ll see that their prices remain quite high, whereas Xbox One lowered its prices. Yes, it is, in general, a hard period for game development, mainly due to the high prices on memory or graphic cards. Nevertheless, considering the previously mentioned Xbox One advantages, Microsoft devices offer a very pleasant balance between quality and cost.

  1. Backward Compatibility

On Xbox One you can simply re-download games that you have purchased and play them on the newer consoles. That’s it. You don’t have to pay for those games again or rent them. You don’t need to rely on streaming, hoping that the game you used to play will reappear in a catalog. Microsoft has taken care of the old games that you have played on previous Xbox models, which is Xbox 360. Overall, it seems as Microsoft has learned to emulate its older console models and insert them into the Xbox One which is pretty impressive, to say the least.

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