Everspace 2 Alpha Lets Players Fight For The Planet

Anybody lucky enough to get into the pilot’s seat for the Everspace 2 can now grab a closed alpha test and fight for the future across space and on new worlds.

Developer Rockfish Games has just unleashed the Closed Alpha of EVERSPACE™ 2 on Steam for players ready to get a glimpse of future space combat. Anybody who Kickstarted the upcoming space shooter can now get a glimpse of the content planned for the title’s Steam Early Access release in December. Gamers can also join 1,200 Kickstarter pilots by grabbing keys as part of other partner streams, such as the recent as CohhCarnage’s charity stream.

The brand new closed alpha will give players around hours of gameplay including a story beat and free exploration, culminating in the first star system’s boss fight. In addition to new Ship Devices and Ultimate Abilities, players will be able to explore the all-new pilot and companion perk system. Rockfish dropped a couple of trailers to highlight some of the features that players will get in alpha, this includes a raft of new ships, NPCs, and equipment that have been added for players to discover as they explore even more regions in space, planetary locations, and cave systems in the game’s first solar system. In addition to the awsome looking alpha trailer above, you can check out the Planetary locations teaser below and get a look at the vast horizons available to players exploring the vast reaches of space.

Everspace 2 is the follow up to the wildly successful Everspace, a 3D sci-fi shooter that combines fast-paced combat with roguelike elements. The new instance of space combat Kickstarted back in 2019 with more than 500,00 euros raised to blast off into a new realm of action. If you didn’t catch a demo key in our recent giveaway, check out the official Steam page for more details.

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