Farthest Frontier – Now Available in Steam Early Access

Developer Crate Entertainment released economic strategy Farthest Frontier into Steam Early Access. Players will need to protect and guide their people while building a tower in the middle of untamed wilderness at the edge of the world. Harvesting, producing, consuming and fighting are only some of the activities you will have to partake in to survive. If you’d rather not engage in combat, the game features pacifist mode.

The developers expect Farthest Frontier to stay in the Early Access stage for 8 to 12 months, depending on the need to alter gameplay systems. Over the course of these months, the  team aims to refine and polish the existing game as well as expand the late-game with additional tier of housing, more consumer goods and production buildings, and new ways to extend extraction of resources like stone, ore, etc, after initial sources have been depleted.

Farthest Frontier is highly replayable and no game is ever quite the same with beautiful, completely randomized terrain generation and resource distribution. Controls allow players to specify the amount of water or mountains they desire, with extreme maps leading to unique challenges.

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