Nowhere Prophet Out On PC July

nowhere prophet

Nowhere Prophets is bringing a brand new deck building dustpunk adventure to gamers. Available 19 July, on Steam, this turn-based card game is a gorgeous new twist on the genre.

Developed by Germany’s Sharkbmob Studios and published by the team at No More Robots, Nowhere Prophet is a roguelike card game that blends together a range of influences and comes out with a very interesting proposition. In a less than stellar scenario, Nowhere Prophet makes players responsible for a caravan of dust-borne survivors, picking at the scraps and traveling to a brand new home. If this caravan is going to survive the wastes of the planet Soma and reach a mysterious crypt, players must balance a number of decisions.

Playing out across a range of procedurally generated maps, players can build a deck of followers, each one with their own abilities. As challenges crop up, a player’s deck will change and evolve. With over 300 cards to discover, you might pick up new followers or lose some to unfortunate circumstances. This variety is not limited to maps and decks either. 10 different convoys and four Prophet classes change how you play the game. This is a fight for survival that actively changes based on your decisions.

Not only does Nowhere Prophet provide a huge array of scenarios, but it also looks gorgeous. The turn-based strategy allows us to get a good look at the comic art style. Whether you are a natural dictator or a more caring leader, it looks like Nowhere Prophet is going to give you plenty of scenarios to consider. You can check out the trailer for this new card game above and find out more at the official website. Nowhere Prophet is coming to PC and will set you back $24.99 or £19.49 via the Steam Store.

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  1. Actually Ed its next month but looking forward to this…Thanks for the writeup

    • ty Sir I misread my month while fighting with some atrocious train wifi 😀 we’ve corrected that error

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