Gas Station Simulator to Take a Deep Dive in the Tidal Wave Expansion

Gas Station Simulator Takes a Deep Dive in the Tidal Wave DLC

DRAGO Entertainment has announced the Tidal Wave expansion for its critically acclaimed game, Gas Station Simulator. Players will be able to hang ten in the new expansion sometime in 2024 for PC via Steam.

Developers have put on their surf shorts, waxed the boards, and released a new trailer that showcases what players can expect in Tidal Wave. Viewers get a peek at a tropical island paradise where new business opportunities – and challenges – await.

Features include

  • Tidal Wave: A new surrounding needs new dangers and events. Tides, waves and thunderstorms are among those that might disrupt your day. While you won’t need Ruddy to clean up sand after a dust storm, the new weather phenomena come with their own mechanics and there will still be some clean up to be done. That’s the price you pay for being in on a lush, tropical island…
  • Chunchumanchu: The happiness or anger of the god, Chunchumanchu, is indicated by a Volcano meter. His anger builds over time and can be hastened by customer dissatisfaction. Keep Chunchumanchu happy by throwing coconuts or other items into a cauldron at a sacred altar. Different actions have varying impacts on reducing the god’s anger. Failure to keep the god happy results in an ominous eruption that temporarily transforms the paradise into a hellish landscape, disrupting business and scaring customers away.
  • Tourists: With a whole new surrounding come new expectations. Sure, there are still customers who want their cars to be fuelled and repaired, but there is also a whole new slew of customers with expectations that are in-line with the new environment. Their jet skis and boats need fuel and the tourists expect to be entertained. How about offering them scuba diving equipment or surfing rentals?
  • Accidents: You have to take care of everything better than ever. The right equipment and maintenance becomes crucial, it’s not just about satisfaction anymore. Poor equipment can lead to accidents and accidents increase Chunchumanchu’s anger. Keep your focus on the new Volcano meter and make sure your customers are safe.

Check out further details by visiting the Tidal Wave page for Gas Station Simulator on Steam.

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