Get a Free Exclusive outfit in the SteelSeries x Runescape Promotion

RuneScape Update Is Adding Construction Contracts

In a surprising (but welcome ) partnership that came out of the blue, SteelSeries has partied up with Runescape to give away some exclusive shinies. Starting on September 20th, you can head over to the  SteelSeries website to create an account and grab a key code to redeem the SteelSeries package on your Runescape account.

Runescape x SteelSeries giveaway.

While the promotion doesn’t have a specific end date as of now, when we logged in to grab our key, there was a key queue, so try to grab yours before they’re gone! The SteelSeries Runescape package includes the following:

  • 20 Keys
  • 400 Runecoins
  • Battleworn Steel Armour

A free armour set is nothing to scoff at (and one that looks pretty sweet at that!), but the inclusion of 400 Runecoins (which is a paid currency) and 20 keys for Treasure Hunter definitely sweetens the deal.  With Christmas and Halloween events just around the corner, there is sure to be a return of some pretty cool outfits, mounts, and pets for the holidays that you can spend them on.  Runescape has been releasing new content and updates at an incredible frequency as of late, so head on over to sign up and give it a try. You’ll be lighting fires and chopping wood in a fancy new suit of armour that will be the envy of all the Lumbridge guards.

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