Get Behind The Wheel With Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 9

Elite Dangerous Odyssey, the space faring game where you chose your own frontier, just dropped Update 9 and a stunning new motorized Vodel Scorpion SRV.

Players looking to make the most of the planetside exploration available in Elite Dangerous Odyssey are going to love the newest update to the massive space faring title. While some of you might still be scraping together the coin to cobble together a carrier, gearheads get the Scorpion SRV today.

The Scorpion SRV is designed to take the fight to all fronts, deploying across all terrain and reaching speeds of up to 50mph. It’s not just speed and manoeuvrability that will keep this craft in the fight., Fitting two weapons as standard, the new Scorpion SRV can blow away infantry with the Surge Repeater’s high-powered laser, or target anybody overhead with Aculeus Launcher’s tracking missiles. A passenger seat even allows players to split the workload, although if run and gun is your thing then that is possible too. Frontier Developments dropped a trailer for the Scorpion SRV, and I’m off to a dealership sometime soon to get a test drive. Just a few AU’s before the next showroom I think.

For those of you not looking to get their boots dirty, the new updates also added other content for the Odyssey and Horizons players. Most obvious is Multi-Limpet Controller, a new module type that works in addition to existing limpet controllers. This extra option deploys multiple limpet types using a single module slot. While this comes in many forms, it isn’t intended to replace the existing dedicated limpet controllers, balancing the Xeno, Rescue, Mining, Operations, and Universal types against existing Limpit types.

If you’re looking to take one of the premier space exploration games, that is actually out, for a spin then you can check out all the new update detail over on the Elite Dangerous website or launch into the far reaches on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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