Hardcore Mecha Locks On To PlayStation 4

Hardcore Mecha, the fast-paced action platformer from developer Rocketpunch is out now on Playstation 4.

After blazing a trail of destruction on PC during June 2019, Hardcore Mecha brings its ix of fast-paced platforming and explosive robo action to the Sony console. Initially part of a successful Kickstarter campaign, finding room for more than 4000 backers before the campaign closed. Now, this animated action shooter puts players in the shoes of a mercenary named Tarethur and at the helm of some colorful mechs. The entire affair might be a bright-looking 2D journey across the face of Mars but players picking up this title will face sizeable odds.

Blasting Action

Waves of enemies are set against the protagonist as they blast their way through 8 chapters and 18 stages ranging from deep underwater, out in space, and close-quarters urban environments. Between the waves of cannon fodder and boss fights, players will find a whole heap of seamlessly animated cutscenes to enjoy too.

Complete the end game and this 2D platforming adventure allows players to pick any of the 40 in-game mechs and step into survival mode. If blowing up waves of AI isn’t enough for everyone then Hardcore Mecha also has a multiplayer mode that opens up a range of customizable mechas and frantic PvP battles via local co-op and online multiplayer.

Hardcore Mecha might not look like a AAA Gundam killer but it already snatched a bunch of indie awards at the Tokyo Game Show. It sailed to the to of the Japanese sales charts for 2 weeks when it arrived out east. There’s no doubt that if you love blowing up pixels and love games like Mech City Brawl then you’ll want to go 2D with Hardcore Mecha. Take a look at the release trailer above or head over to the official website pick up this adventure.


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