Hearthstone – Are You Ready for the Rise of the Naga?

Hearthstone - Rise of the Naga

Bow down before the Light Beneath the Tides, Queen Azshara and her servants are coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds in the Rise of the Naga, kicking off with patch 23.2 on May 10th. In addition to the fresh Battlegrounds season, the patch also introduces Mercenaries updates, new features, bug fixes, and more!

Rise of the Naga is Hearthstone’s first ever Battlegrounds Season, bringing along a Battlegrounds Rating reset, a new hero, and an entire new minion type, the Naga! They are spell-thirsty minions that are drawn to magic and tend to give you spells or get more powerful when spells are played around them.

The spell-focused Naga have their own unique new keyword, Spellcraft. Minions with the Spellcraft keyword grant a temporary spell each turn. That spell can give your minions a buff that lasts until the start of your next Recruit phase.

Queen Azshara is the newest Hero that makes her way to the Battlegrounds. The Highborne Queen and her people were cursed to live out their days as vengeful Naga. After transforming into Naga Queen Azshara, wave after wave of Naga will be under your command! Do you have what it takes to lead them to victory?

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