HeatWave – New Sandbox Survival Strategy from Perimeter Games

The developers from Perimeter Games have released a new trailer to introduce players to a sandbox, non-linear guerrilla group simulator set in Alaska: HeatWave. The game combines mechanics of strategy, manager and adventure games.

Global warming has led humanity to the brink of collapse, caused unprecedented migration and stir up internal conflicts.

  • Run your own Guerrilla faction. Form your team and set internal laws and adapt rules to the changing environment. Set up base deep in the forests of Alaska, build new structures to make your people self-reliant.
  • Use and upgrade your bushcraft skills. Survive in the wilderness with limited resources. Help your people meet basic survival needs. Set up camps, obtain energy resources, provide shelter against the cold and rain. Hunt for food, collect wild plants or plunder local communities to prevent starvation.
  • Craft items – make tools, medicines and weapons from collected scrap and plundered materials.
  • Explore the world. Visit settlements. Talk with their inhabitants, recruit, trade, or complete quests to increase relations with them. Explore vast expanses of Alaska and dive into a non-linear story. Make difficult decisions and fight your own path to independence.
  • Partisan tactics Stay in the shadow, avoid being discovered. Move your base if necessary and implement a hit and run strategy. Punish collaborators, constantly fight and harass the invaders. Set up traps, sabotage their supply lines and incite the people of Alaska against them.
  • Diplomacy. Shape your own politics, handle diplomatic relations with other factions and settlements. Perform tasks for the local population and compete with other guerrilla groups. When strong enough, start the revolution and take on the invaders to drive them away. Finally, choose your own path to independence – continue in the name of the United States, or create your new independent country…

Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more.

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While growing up in the wilds of Russia, Catherine learned to talk, write and game at almost the same time. You can follow her attempts at latter two at MMORPG.com and GameSpace.

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