Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Date For August

Horizon Zero Dawn, the robot hunting open world RPG from Guerilla Games, has a release date for PC and it lands on 7 August.

Publisher Sony caused something of a stir when they announced that the hit open world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to PC, earlier this year. Now the former PlayStation exclusive has a release date for PC players eager to take on this adventure in a post apocalyptic world. On August 7, gamers can jump into the gorgeous savannahs that make up Carja territory and save the world from the terrors of modern technology.

Save The World

Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t just famous for its impressive landscapes. The massive robots dinosaurs that creep across the horizon will provide gamers with an opportunity to catch, customize, and say some seriously impressive beasts. Playing as Aloy, you’ll investigate an almost forgotten past where cities lie untouched and reclaimed by nature. With a dark force rising, it quickly becomes clear that you are the key to saving the world from a range of devastating forces.

Alongside the release date, Guerilla has posted a PC trailer confirming that the port of the game will include support for ultra widescreen displays and unlocked frame rates. Pc graphics cards will also power a range of improved dynamic foliage and massively improved lighting features. This should make the base game and the Frozen Wilds expansion, which comes bundled in the Complete Collection, shine to their fullest extent.

I feel fairly sure that we can risk stating that PC master race players are going to see something special compared to the constraints of the slightly dated Playstation 4 architecture. You can check out the full details in the trailer above and if you feel like jumping in, head over to the Epic Games Store or Steam Store page to pre order Horizon Zero Dawn for £33/€50/$50. For those of you ready to upgrade to a Playstation 5, there’s just about enough time to play before Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West launches with a new generation of consoles.


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