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Old school role-playing games (RPG) are what I was raised on. So when we were given the opportunity to play a new one I jumped at the opportunity. A retro-style RPG, Last Battle: Order of Caos, is the product of White Vortex and it takes you on a fairly long journey compared to newer RPGs. Let’s take a closer look at it in our Last Battle: Order from Caos quick hit review.

Retro-RPGs seem to be making a comeback in the gaming market with streamers taking on the challenge of the older games such as Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Having new retro-RPGs is great when the stories are good and the combat system works well. With Last Battle, the biggest positives for it are the graphics and music systems. Graphically, the 16-bit type character models are probably the game’s saving grace. They are cleanly made and nice to look at. The cities and other areas are not super huge to go through and are very basic in layout with several sections of map looking the same as the previous ones with very few changes. The music is good for what it is. It’s not too loud or outside of the fantasy type of sound for this title. It almost gives it an early Final Fantasy feeling.

The story is what draws a person into a game such as Last Battle: Order of Caos, but the story needs to be good. The overall premise of this title is that you are a boy who survived a catastrophe caused by the villain, Caos. You learn early on that you are trying to survive the destruction being caused by his minions. Lots of people are dying and something happens to you that can’t be explained without help. You will be able to party up with other characters similar to other games, and each character will have their own specific battle type such as Warrior, Mage, etc.


However, character type causes big problems in the game’s battle system, at least at lower levels. Unless you are leveled up with better than normal gear for the early levels, characters such as your Mage will have a big problem with fights. I have done several boss fights and most companion characters outside your main character deal nearly no damage. Fights that should take a few minutes take thirty or more minutes. This makes combat very frustrating for me. I normally over-level my characters so that I can take on harder fights early, but a lot of the early enemies also seem to be immune to your characters even with gear. It feels like combat isn’t balanced properly and that is a big turnoff.

The other big problem with this title is the writing. I haven’t been able to find out many details about the company itself, but the initial language on the title screen is Portuguese I believe. Once you hit “new game” it gives you the option to switch to English permanently. But that is only the beginning. Once you begin to read all of the intro text and the conversations, you will realize very quickly that no one decided to take the time to use English spell check or to check for proper grammar. I am in no way one hundred percent accurate with grammar all the time, but when you are producing a video game title you should pay someone to make sure it’s well done in that regard. As an example, early on there was a conversation where someone asks a question, “Do, have you seen him” or something similar to this, but it says DO and not SO which is what it should have been. There are yet more spots where words are missing completely from the sentences and it makes for a very awkward gameplay session.

Overall, Last Battle: Order from Caos is just an ok game title. What it did well was provide great character models, monsters, and music, while everything else from the combat system and pretty much everything else falls short. I personally would not play this title again as it is very hard to follow a story where you have to read it all without voiceovers and it doesn’t make sense one hundred percent of the time.

If you’d like to check it out, you can do so via its Steam page where you can snag a copy for $5.99.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

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