Last Oasis Builds Up For Early Access In October

Last Oasis, a woodpunk survival sandbox from indie developers Donkey Crew is coming to Steam Early Acess on October 10. Get your lathe out because this one looks incredible.

Polich indie team Donkey Crew just dropped the news that their incredible looking new sandbox sasurvival game is coming to Steam Early Access and there’s a brand new trailer to boot. If you haven’t seen any previous coverage of the game you are in for a treat. Set on a world where both extremes of the planet are perpetual ovens or desolate icy wastelands, the only surviving population inhabit a tiny slither of habitable land. As the planet turns, these nomads must move to survive and they do, using massive wooden walking machines!

Digging A Little Deeper

Among the sand dunes and odd oasis, players in Last Oasis can construct and carry their own base, craft, fight, and pilot a range of mechanical monstrosities. This unique woodpunk concept might be the game’s initial hook but we got hands-on with the title at Gamescom and there’s a lot more to it than simply building a big wooden walker. Beyond these cool constructions lie a range of other players, guilds, resources, and environmental threats including:

• Third-person PVP survival
• Walker Vehicles, wooden machines for transport, harvest, combat and as a base
• MMO, many servers linked together
• procedurally generated maps
• Player-driven economy
• Skill-based melee combat
• Grappling hook centric movement
• Nomadic world, players need to keep traveling
• Solo & clan gameplay

Anybody who also happens to be very unfortunate will get a personal greeting from the planet’s legendary sandworms, seen in the trailer above. While Last Oasis was originally slated for a September launch, the developers have released a video blog to address the reasons for the pushback. You can check it out over at the official youtube channel and head on over to the Steam Store page to check out more information on the Earl;y Access release.


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